Production Chemistry Technology

The Production Chemistry Technology (PCT) Product Line deals with the Supply and Application of specialty and commodity chemicals in oil/gas fields towards achieving predetermined operational goals/specifications as regards well performance, asset integrity, flow assurance and commercial quality of the production fluids.

Working as the Nigerian Partner to SLB based on an exclusive Business Alliance Agreement, Librod is in a position to provide commodity and specialty chemicals as well as technical support in the application and optimization process in the following areas;

  1. Topside - we are able to provide tailor made solutions to an array of Production Chemistry challenges such as; corrosion, emulsion, scale deposition, etc.
  2. Subsea – We are also able to provide specialty chemicals to deal with peculiar challenges such as hydrate formation. In addition, we have the ability to supply Bulk Methanol via the following channels;
    1. Ship to Ship
    2. Terminal to Vessel
  3. Well Services – We are in a position to offer commodity and specialty chemicals to optimize production of a well.
    Our activities are supported by a Librod owned Blend Plant Facility, an adequately equipped Laboratory and Warehouses in Port Harcourt and Lagos respectively.

Production Chemistry Technology
Production Chemistry Technology

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