Who We Are

Our History

Who We Are

Our History


Librod embarked on its corporate journey as a trading entity and officially incorporated as Librod Chemical Limited in 1997


During these formative years, the company focused primarily on Procurement and Supply, serving as a crucial link within the supply chain. Librod facilitated the acquisition of essential chemicals and raw materials vital to the production processes of plastic manufacturing companies.


Recognizing the increasing opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry, Librod diversified its portfolio to deliver services to this sector. The company's primary focus was on providing chemicals for drilling and all production-related operations, establishing itself as a reliable partner in the energy sector.


This year marked a significant expansion for Librod as it ventured into rental and sales services for Cargo Carrying Units (CCUs). These units, engineered, constructed, and certified in accordance with the DNV 2.7.1 Standard, became indispensable in the oil and gas industry for the transportation and secure storage of oilfield products and equipment.


Librod strategically pivoted its focus to provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary Oilfield services. This pivotal decision led to the rebranding of Librod Chemical Limited to its current name, Librod Energy Services Limited. This name change symbolizes the company's unwavering dedication to the Oil and Gas industry and its commitment to providing a diverse range of high-quality services.
Throughout its evolution, Librod underwent several name changes, including Librod Chemical Limited, Lbenerg Limited, and LBnerg Limited. These changes were driven by the company's pursuit of finding a suitable brand name that encapsulates its identity and values in the ever- evolving energy services landscape.


Today, as Librod Energy Services Limited, we continue to build on our rich legacy, embracing change, innovation, and adaptability to meet the dynamic needs of the Oil and Gas industry. Our commitment remains steadfast as we strive for excellence in every facet of our operations.


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